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Our services

Cleanroom Design and Construction

We provide turnkey cleanroom design and build services. As an extension of your internal team, we work closely with you during the entire process. Our cleanroom management team will keep you in the loop during key phases of your project so that there are no surprises that can affect your timeline or your budget.

Before the cleanroom construction process begins, we analyze your program requirements and help you determine the level of cleanliness necessary and the type of cleanroom that will suit your budget and your needs.

Once approved, we proceed with a phased approach that goes as follows:

Phase 1: HCC proceeds to 30% design stage and establishes a guaranteed maximum price and schedule for your project.

Phase 2: We then review the cleanroom design with you and take it to 60% of the design phase.

Phase 3: The design is reviewed again and we go ahead with 100% construction and documentation.

We work with select architects and cleanroom engineers in order to provide stamped documents, code analysis, structural design and all services required for the complete installation of a cleanroom of any size or type, as well as for all related structures and systems.

Cleanroom Consulting and Engineering

Prior to design, we work with you to create an all-in-one program in collaboration with the architect and engineer, who work directly for us. We believe this benefits our clients in multiple ways:

We hire the right design team with the specific expertise for your industry and project.

By creating long-standing relationships with myriad architects and engineers throughout the country,

questions and answers are handled in a timely manner, producing the cleanroom design that we believe best fits your project.

We question everything on your behalf and get objective, reliable input early on.

All of this allows you to focus on your own job with the confidence that our cleanroom management team takes care of your construction program properly.

Cleanroom Management

Hodess Cleanroom Construction prides itself on consistently providing project and construction managers with exceptional cleanroom construction experience. Our cleanroom management team has decades of experience, not only with controlled environments, but also with general construction experience. Every project receives a dedicated superintendent for the entire project duration.

During the bidding process, HCC provides upfront organizational charts with key personnel. From project award through completion, you will be supplied a robust team who have the most up-to-date training and cleanroom technologies.

With our cleanroom management team, you can expect full support, plus weekly project and schedule meetings, twice-weekly look-aheads, monthly budget meetings and consistent updates throughout the project. As a result, our cleanroom managers and superintendents are committed to providing safe work environments. All of our key personnel have a minimum of OSHA 30 hour training. We maintain an EMR of .86 or less. We are enrolled with ISNetworld, and have an A grade.

Our Cleanroom Management Team:
  • Manage design
  • Run weekly meetings
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Award vendors and subcontractors
  • Manage safety
  • Manage cost and billings
  • Manage coordination
  • Provide commissioning assistance
  • Manage quality control
Our Superintendents:
  • Provide daily management
  • Supervise onsite safety
  • Schedule adherence
  • Create two-week look ahead schedules
  • Coordinate shutdowns/tie-ins
  • Manage the punch list
  • Responsible for all startup checklists
  • Provide commissioning assistance
  • Cleanroom protocol adherence

Industries Served

Automotive • Battery Plants • Biopharmaceutical • Biotechnology • Defense • Healthcare •

Medical Device • Microelectronics • Nanotechnology • Optics • Pharmaceutical • Plastics

Types of Builds We Provide

A cleanroom envelope is the construction of the cleanroom walls, floors and ceilings without the full mechanical, electrical, and process typically under the control of the cleanroom contractor. The cleanroom envelope is typically a subcontract integrated into an entire building project where a construction manager or general contractor is providing the mechanical, electrical and process services to the cleanroom, and the envelope contractor must integrate with the general contractor and his subcontractors.

A complete modular cleanroom is typically built with the walls as a modular system, a plenum supported by the modular walls, ceiling system supported by the plenum cap, and fan filters driving air through the modular cleanroom. Modular cleanrooms can be applied to both small and large facilities. The cost effectiveness to modular cleanrooms varies depending on the type of facility and the magnitude of space in which the modular cleanroom is applied. Modular cleanrooms typically provide a more standardized package and modular components tend to cost more than stick built but save on field installation labor.

Plan and specification cleanrooms typically provide full sets of drawings and documentation, which are available for the cleanroom contractor to put a hard number on and to take for permitting. In the plan and specification mode, the analysis of your requirements, the cleanroom requirements and the variables have been done by a third party and not the cleanroom construction contractor.

Stick-built modular cleanrooms combine the stick-built and modular approaches. The use of modular walls as either the primary perimeter or as a lining on a stick-built system allows the benefits of a stick-built approach, creating a sealed perimeter to the cleanroom and a fire rated perimeter in many cases. All the while using the cleaner, less shedding surfaces of modular panels. In today’s market, modular panels consist of various products, including:

● Aluminum honeycomb panels with epoxy finishes and UPVC finishes both freestanding modular and ½” modular for stick application laminate panels both solid and particle core
● Laminate panels including foam cores for structure
● Hard board with painted finish on foam panels
● Steel panels with epoxy finish and many others

Stick-built modular cleanrooms combine these components along with the modular grid systems using the dry seal 2” aluminum or 1-1/2” aluminum system or a gel seal system using either modular plenums or field built plenums composed of the stick built perimeter wall. The other choice is to use modular panels as a ceiling system to create a walk on the mezzanine as well as a non-shedding ceiling. Stick-built modular cleanrooms tend to provide the benefits of the flexibility of the stick-built systems, cleanliness of the modular systems and cost effective cleanroom construction.